At Studio EVA D. the production of the winter collection ’23/’24 is in full swing.

It will be a collection with an unpolished edge, says Eva Dekker of Studio EVA D.
Everywhere you look in the studio there are beautiful natural fabrics in warm earthy tones… The handmade fabrics in the collection are so beautiful, that everything has to be seen.

The designer was inspired by a surfing vacation in Morocco. Surrounded by the beautiful country, people, sun and surf culture…. Actually, she didn’t want to leave. But when you can’t stay, you put some vacation into your work and get inspired.

Eva Dekker creates a collection with generous proportions and shapes that fit every body. The timeless and unisex collection will be executed in part with hand-woven fabrics made in her own studio. The fabrics are artisanal and durable.

Eva uses old techniques to create clothes that are authentic but with a fashion-forward twist. The fabrics are inspired by the traditional patterns of the Amazonian cushma.

Image: Studio EVA D.

The collection will include oversized shirts, comfy pants, a jumpsuit, kimonos and basic T-shirts. To complete your outfit, the collection also includes accessories such as a bag and a cap. Throughout the range, ease of wear is paramount.

Image: Studio EVA D.

Studio EVA D. presents the collection during London Fashion Week in a showroom in the Shoreditch district. In this district, creative design boutiques are interspersed with trendy gastropubs and restaurants.

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