Lenzing helps brands establish trustworthy sustainability credentials through its E-Branding Service

As the importance of enhancing transparency and traceability throughout the fashion industry
continues to grow, leading fiber manufacturer Lenzing takes things one step further through its
E-Branding Service platform. Developed in 2018 as part of Lenzing’s four-pillar approach to
creating a more sustainable textile industry, Lenzing has now introduced new features to its
one-stop solution platform. Providing customers with greater convenience and an improved user
experience, the new features include Artwork Approval, Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool,
Onboarding Tool, E-Branding Masterclass, and E-Branding Helpdesk.

Complementing existing services, such as fabric certification, application for product licenses,
and branding materials, E-Branding Service is the first digital platform exclusively designed to
offer Lenzing brand partners easy and clear access to Lenzing’s product brand assets.
Complimentary to all Lenzing customers, the E-Branding Service platform helps Lenzing’s
customers make the invisible visible by giving them the assets and tools to promote the
sustainability claims and benefits of their final products. By accessing Lenzing’s branded logos
and icons for ingredient brands such as TENCEL™, VEOCEL™, or LENZING™ ECOVERO™,
both the brand partner and the end consumer can rest assured that the product they are
purchasing contains genuine Lenzing fibers derived from a sustainable source. But how does it

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How Lenzing’s E-Branding Service can enhance your brand

Fabric certification is one of the main components of the E-Branding Service platform, which
requires testing of the fabrics to ensure fiber authenticity. This service, enabled by the
company’s Fiber Identification technology, provides brand partners supply chain transparency,
protection against counterfeiting and evidence to support their sustainability claims and
marketing efforts.

As an access point for branding materials of Lenzing’s portfolio of fiber brands, such as brand
logos, swing tags or even digital hang tags for ecommerce, the E-Branding Service platform
presents an opportunity for further co-branding activities and joint marketing campaigns. With
fabric certification fully assuring brand partners that authentic Lenzing fibers are used in the
products, they can therefore communicate their sustainability credentials with full confidence
and stay clear of any potential greenwashing pitfalls. At the same time, it allows end consumers
to make conscious purchasing decisions that are supported by traceability.

New features offer greater efficiency and convenience across the E-Branding Service

Lenzing is continuously developing and updating the services offered on its E-Branding Service
platform to serve its brand partners better. Multiple new features were launched recently on the
platform to make it even easier for brand partners to communicate their sustainability
commitment to consumers.

Addressing the need for co-branded marketing content to enhance descriptions of sustainability
credentials in the finished product, the new “Artwork Approval” process provides a fast
turnaround for artwork confirmations. Through a structured online collection of approved
artworks, brand partners can access their artwork collection when needed and apply selected
artwork for multiple license applications. The new Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool can be used
to check if specific fabric blends are under Lenzing’s Certification Standards to ensure accurate
labeling of product ingredients. In addition, the tool can also verify the correct Lenzing fiber
brand for each fiber type, helping brand partners share accurate claims concerning the final
product. Accessible to all visitors of the platform, this tool does not require registration.

To support the growing number of users on the platform, the new Onboarding Tool, E-Branding
Master Class, and Helpdesk facilitate learning and knowledge sharing. The new E-Branding
Service Onboarding Tool provides a step-by-step guide advising brand partners how to use
each of the platform’s features. The E-Branding Masterclass assists users in expanding their
knowledge through live webinars and recorded self-study learning modules covering certification
and licensing of Lenzing’s brands. It is supplemented by the E-Branding Helpdesk service,
which offers users support from a dedicated team of Helpdesk specialists.

“Since the introduction of the Lenzing E-Branding Service in 2018, our goal has been to drive
the digitalization of value chain management for the textiles industry and enable widespread
transparency across the value chain.” says Harold Weghorst, Vice President of Global
Marketing and Branding at Lenzing AG. “This one-stop digital portal helps us support the
traceability and communication efforts of our customers and partners. The addition of the latest
suite of E-Branding Service features will now ensure that our partners enjoy greater
convenience when seeking to establish their sustainability credentials with Lenzing.”

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