Gary Neville SLAMS Gianni Infantino for ‘inappropriate’ speech likening himself to a migrant worker

Gary Neville SLAMS ‘terrible face for football’ Gianni Infantino for his ‘inappropriate’ speech likening himself to a migrant worker – calling his language an ‘absolute scandal’ and comparing the FIFA president to Donald Trump and Boris Johnson

  • FIFA president Gianni Infantino has been heavily criticised for a bizarre speech
  • Gary Neville called it ‘scandalous’ and compared Infantino to Donald Trump 
  • The pundit called the FIFA president ‘divisive’ and ‘a terrible face for football’ 
  • Man United icon Neville added that the governing body ‘needs to clean up its act’
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Gary Neville has condemned FIFA president Gianni Infantino as a ‘terrible face for football’ after he gave a bizarre speech on Saturday.

 Infantino claimed he felt ‘gay’, ‘disabled’ and ‘like a migrant worker’ before suggesting that if if Europe ‘really cared’ about migrant workers they could do as Qatar did and offer a ‘legal’ passage into the countries.

The speech was widely condemned, including by Amnesty International, who accused him of ‘dismissing the enormous price paid by migrant workers’, and Neville did not hold back in his criticism.

Gary Neville (pictured above) has criticised the FIFA president as a 'terrible face for football'

Gary Neville (pictured above) has criticised the FIFA president as a ‘terrible face for football’

FIFA president Gianni Infantino hit out at Qatar World Cup criticism in extraordinary speech

Gianni Infantino has come under fire after comparing himself to a migrant worker in a speech

‘He’s a terrible face for football,’ The former United star said on beIN Sports. ‘Some of the things he said yesterday were inappropriate and shouldn’t be said by him. 

‘He should be bringing people together. He’s the global representative of football. He shouldn’t be answering to one or two nations, which is what he seemed to be doing yesterday. He’s got to rise above it. 

‘Some of his language yesterday was an absolute scandal. He shouldn’t be using that kind of language. He shouldn’t be using those phrases.’ 

Neville went on to compare the FIFA president to a number of other controversial world leaders, as he explained: ‘I’m sick of these leaders, like (Boris) Johnson, like (Donald) Trump, like Infantino, like (Sepp) Blatter who don’t unite, they divide. 

The build-up to the Qatar World Cup has been overshadowed by controversy

Neville called FIFA a ‘poor representation of football’ that needs to ‘clean up its act’

‘All their language is about division. Even though they try and think they’re bringing people together they’re not.’

The pundit also spoke of how FIFA needed to resurrect its status within football.

He added: ‘I’ve been all around the world playing with Manchester United, there’s no doubt we should be taking football all around the world. 

‘FIFA is a poor representation of what football is. It’s a beautiful game enjoyed by communities from Brazil to Bury, and I have to say I think FIFA needs to clean up its act. Its been bad for so long.’

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